about TOHAN

about TOHAN

All about Tohan

We are a leading publishing and distribution company that contributes to the creation of a prosperous society

Where books are found and people gather, Tohan is around

Tohan is a leading publishing and distribution company connecting bookstores and publishers throughout Japan. In Japan, around 70,000 new publications are published each year, with Tohan handling as many as 5 million books per day. A stable distribution network and detailed coordination are essential to distribute them to bookstores and convenience stores throughout Japan. Tohan has been helping to build a prosperous society by creating an infrastructure where publications can reach readers throughout Japan and by supporting people’s intellectual activities, utilizing the advanced logistics, commercial, and information distribution functions that we have cultivated since our founding in 1949.

A wide business domain

In recent years, we have developed collaborations with many business partners in areas that are highly compatible with book sales. We are continuing to expand our business domain as a content supply chain company by affiliating with stationery manufacturers, character goods manufacturers, and bookstores. We are also diversifying our business by moving into new fields different from our primary business as an agency such as real estate, fitness gyms, and co-working spaces.

All about Tohan
All about Tohan
All about Tohan

Introduction to Tohan Global Business Department

Comprehensive development of the content business with international partners

Connecting Japan to the world through publications

Tohan Global Business Department has been utilizing its background in the Japanese publishing agency business to develop business overseas since 1952. While imports and exports of domestic and foreign publications are a given, recent years have seen a spread in the popularity of Japanese anime and games around the world, leading to a surge in the sales of comics and other related materials. These movements are not merely limited to the sale of goods, but are also increasing new business frameworks such as various conventions and events, rapidly expanding Tohan’s role. Tohan is preparing for greater challenges with this growing new market in view.

Introduction to Tohan Global Business Department

Export business

We handle the export of all kinds of Japanese publications

As a leading publishing and distribution company, Tohan has dealings with around 2,500 Japanese publishers and manufacturers, allowing us to export almost any Japanese publication. We export and sell popular international books and comics to bookstores and distributors that develop in North America, Asia, and Europe. In addition to publications, we have also been involved in the export of stationery and miscellaneous goods in recent years, playing a role in the international development of Japanese content.

Import business

Distribution of international products to every corner of Japan

We import books and magazines from the U.S., U.K., China, Korea, and other foreign countries for distribution and sale to bookstores in Japan. In order to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions, language learners, fans of foreign culture, and more recently, foreign visitors to Japan, we handle a wide range of genres of Western books, from technical books to entertainment-related books.

Copyright agency and IP business

We sign more than 2,000 copyright contracts with international publishers each year

The demand for translation of Japanese publications is increasing around the world. With over 30 years of experience as a copyright agency, Tohan acts as an intermediary between more than 750 Japanese publishers and 800 foreign publishers in a variety of genres, including literary, practical, self-help, children’s, and manga books. Tohan broker around 2,000 copyright contracts per year, delivering Japanese publications throughout the world. We are also actively involved in business that utilizes IPs (intellectual properties) such as characters, brokering merchandising contracts that make use of IPs. Tohan brings Japanese IPs to fans around the world in a variety of ways beyond just translation and publishing.

Event business

Supporting the internationalization of the Japanese content industry

We support the internationalization of Japanese companies by assisting them in developing their Japanese content business overseas, leveraging our expertise gained through years of exporting products and brokering copyrights. For example, we have coordinated exhibits at the Japan Expo Paris, which attracts more than 200,000 visitors, and international book fairs in Taipei, Beijing, and other cities. We also create places for Japanese content promotion by planning and operating Japanese areas at international events.

Introduction to Tohan Global Business Department
Introduction to Tohan Global Business Department
Introduction to Tohan Global Business Department

International Publishing Business Affiliates

Taiwan Tohan Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Tohan Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1990 as the first Japanese-affiliated publishing house in Taiwan. Develops translation and publishing business, manages events, etc.

China Publishing Tohan Co., Ltd.

China Publishing Tohan Co., Ltd.

Established in 2010. Engages in the business of translating and publishing Chinese books into Japanese, as well as importing Western books.

Corporate Data

Corporate Name
Head Office
Date of Foundation
19 September 1949
45 hundred million yen
Toshitaka Kondo
Hiroaki Kawakami
Description of Business
  1. Sales as a dealer of books, magazines, textbooks and other publications, as well as the logistical operations relating to this
  2. Sales as a dealer of music/video software, game software, toys, miscellaneous goods, office supplies, educational supplies, music supplies, audiovisual aids and fixtures/fittings, as well as the logistical operations relating to this
  3. Development/sale of SA systems and the provision of a variety of information
Amount of Sales
367,733million yen (data of March 2024)
Brochure of Overseas Business Development(PDF)Brochure of Overseas Business Development(PDF)